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Herewith, the SplinterMuse posting translated by our friend, Emily:

Je le note et je m'en félicite

"Allison Crowe.

I may have missed a huge craze making the head of the new in inspired magazines, but until today, I'd never heard of this young singer. So here am I repenting, imploring your mercy, oh, God of musical prodigies, for I have never been so moved by a woman's voice. Pure as ice, powerful and even violent on the cover of Leonard Cohen's  Hallelujah.

She touches where it hurts, the notes on the piano emphasizing with cynicism the inherent brutality of her texts and compositions. It isn't free despair, pathetic neurasthenic masochism, but it seems to me that it's impossible not to put your heart at stake when listening to her... 

One thing certain, with Allison, you don't float in a sugary dancing pop Summer music!

But where does this Canadian come from? With this Lisa's song which will probably keep me from sleeping tonight?

Please throw to the seas Isabelle Boulay and company and behold this new virtuoso. By Zeus!"


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