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Thank you for your kind support & loyalty throughout the years!! And thank you for visiting this, the original, website of Allison Crowe.


 Allison Crowe and Band have a new home online. Visit for music, concert news & all the latest updates. Sláinte!



Allison Crowe and Band new website coming in 2020!





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      Stay in tune with news about music, tours, and other happenings - by linking up on facebook and Allison's YouTube, iTunes, SoundCloud as well as MySpace  (You can reach these pages by clicking on the buttons above.)



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      Have a question or comment for Allison Crowe or anyone who works with Allison ? Please send it our way!


       Have you a licensing request - and seek to use a recording by Allison in your audio, film, television, or other, project? We're open to your ideas and requests and can work together to make an ideal fit. Allison holds 100% of master and synch rights for every song in her catalogue of original music. (And, for covers, she holds all master rights and, naturally, obtaining of synch rights, where necessary for film/video, would follow those channels.) Visit the ABC List to hear all songs in repertoire.


      We welcome and appreciate your communications ~ and your patience - with respect to any and all situations. Email us c/o here - - and/or telephone via (Canada) 01-250-537-1286


NB  We don't listen to, accept, or consider in any way unsolicited song or video recordings, music compositions, or other creative ideas. Thank you for understanding. We do appreciate your interest and your desire and wish you continuing joy and fulfilment in all your endeavours!




      You can also reach us, via physical mail, any time, care of:

        Adrian du Plessis, Personable Manager
      Allison Crowe Music
      Box 227, Ganges P.O.
      Salt Spring Island, British Columbia
      CANADA      V8K 2V9



Thank you! Merci! Danke! Grazie!


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