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 Happy St. Patrick's Day ~ March 17



St Paddy’s jam with the band does my heart good loves playing music with ye crowd #music #bands #jamsession #family #newfoundland


St. Paddy's Band Jam l - r: Sarah White, Allison Crowe, Keelan Purchase


From the neat little town they call Corner Brook, Allison Crowe ties up the musical sentences with “Black Velvet Band”:



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I Never Loved a Man... ~ March 9


“Allison Crowe’s cover of I Never Loved a Man (The Way I Love You), written by Ronnie Shannon and popularized by Aretha Franklin, is my favorite version of this classic song,” says Allan Showalter in sharing the music via “Cohencentric: Leonard Cohen Considered:


Cohencentric - Allison Crowe - I Never Loved a Man


LaJay Alexander, a friend and musical colleague of the late songwriter, notes: “Hello all, the young lady did a jam up job on the song, Ronnie Shannon would have loved it.”




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International Women's Day ~ March 8


Live on International Women’s Day – Allison Crowe’s voice/piano/song accompanied by Fernand Léger’s visual sequence from the 1940’s surrealist, Dadaist+ cinema of Hans Richter and collaborators – “Dreams That Money Can Buy”.


“The energy of 'Disease' can easily provide electricity to a small country for a decade" wrote one European reviewer. Today, as ever, it’s "Power-house intense."



Disease from Allison Crowe on Vimeo.


Captured in concert (March 8, 2008) by Larry Anschell (Engineer, Producer) and Brad Graham (Co-Engineer).



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 "How to Think about Music, Lesson 1" ~ February 18



Musicologist David Goza, DMA, Visiting Associate Professor of Music at University of Oklahoma, notes:


“I'm starting a new educational series to give my students some ways to think about music, and I'll probably post them here from time to time. This one involves a heartbreakingly beautiful performance of Leonard Cohen's ‘Hallelujah’ by Allison Crowe ("



Dr. Goza, who teaches World Music at OU’s state-of-the-art facility, in his posting expresses "nothing but admiration for Ms. Crowe's extraordinary artistry.”


In turn, Allison’s honoured and grateful that her performance of Leonard Cohen’s song is part of, and launches, this wonderful new series.



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Purr-fect Fun ~ February 17



I had so much fun being a cat hanging out with other amazing cats this past month or so and I’m so sad it’s over!! Thank you to everyone on the crew and band and cast for just being wonderful hi my name is Allison and I musical theatre. And thank you Jill for taking this photo! #musicaltheatre


CATS! - Allison Crowe & co. - February 17, 2018


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Saturday Night ~ February 10


Just having a casual night at home watching the Olympics. Oh btw come see CATS at the ACC Feb 15-17 th #catsthemusical #cats #newfoundland


CATS - Allison Crowe - Jellylorum makeup 2018



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 Cohencentric on Joan of Arc ~ February 10



On this February day, with so much in the air, “Cohencentric: Leonard Cohen Considered” blog kindles poetic fires with Allison Crowe’s “Joan of Arc” interpretation - click on the image below:


Cohencentric: Leonard Cohen Considered - Joan of Arc - Allison Crowe



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 CATS ~ February 7



C (high and low) is for Cats. And Cats is for Corner Brook this month – as Dance Studio West celebrates 20 years in the charming and charmed NL community with a production of the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical based on “Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats”.


The source book, by poet T.S. Eliot, recently marked its 80th anniversary broadcast in the United Kingdom, where it’s an holiday tradition – first airing on BBC radio on Christmas Day 1937.


Taking paws from Johnny and Linkers for the show’s run of February 15 – 17, Allison Crowe purr-forms as Jellylorum (named after one of Eliot’s own cats) and Griddlebone – joining the glaring of cats and litter of kittens on-stage at the city’s Arts and Culture Centre.


Be part of the intrigue – tickets for CATS are now on-sale at the ACC. Directed by Amy Andrews and Stephen Perchard, choreographed by Amy Andrews, Candice Pike, and Jessicah Blanchard, with musical direction by Kevin Hennessey. Poster designed by Daniel Tucker (aka Alonzo):


CATS - Corner Brook 2018 - Allison Crowe Jellylorum



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 Hours - Allison Crowe and Band - "Welcome to Us" ~ February 3



2018 will see the release of Allison Crowe’s “Fluttering”, an illuminating book of poetry/prose, and Allison and band will unite on one continent or another to advance the exciting sounds of “Rare Birds”, their next studio album.


First to hatch, though, is “Welcome to Us” – a sensational and fun album of music captured live at the LSPU (Longshoremen's Protective Union) Hall in St. John's, NL, Canada. Here’s a preview from Act 1 (the guitar-based songs – piano-centric songs comprise the second act). Enjoy!




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Scared #tbt ~ January 18



Pioneering music/culture blog Muruch, posted this past Autumn about a song/video, which had not been added to the video gallery here (on Vimeo and facebook) – until today! Composed by Allison Crowe in her teens and recorded live-off-the-floor in 2001 by her trio, “Scared" was made into a video early in 2003 by Angela Kendall and Brian Dutkewich of Transmission 2.


The song, Allison says simply, “is about not being afraid to speak up for yourself”.


“In light of the recent news regarding sexual harassment in Hollywood, Allison Crowe’s anthem about speaking out against sexual assault seems an appropriate #tbt pick this week. Allison’s ‘Scared’ was featured on’s RAINN benefit album and was an big inspiration for our RAINN fundraising campaign,” notes Muruch @ #throwbackThursday #tbt #metoo


Scared - Allison Crowe music video from Allison Crowe on Vimeo.



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Up to the Mountain ~ January 15



Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., born on this date in 1929, and his message is given musical tribute in this song from Patty Griffin, performed on piano – – and guitar – – here by Allison Crowe.


“The time is always right to do what is right,” MLK




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Happy Golden Days ~ January 9



Turns out that musical soul sisters Allison Crowe (piano, guitar & vocals) and Céline Sawchuk (cello, vocals), this holiday season just past, not only charmed the birds out of the trees with their concert performances – they also brought out the “tapers” – those dedicated folks who preserve cultural happenings on record for posterity.


Pretty much from the start of Allison Crowe’s public life, she’s been appreciated by tapers/traders – sometimes known as bootleggers, and often first-or-succeeding generations of Deadheads – fans of The Grateful Dead.


The first Allison bootlegs start around 2000/2001 with the appearance of Deadhead and taper Brad Norman aka Condor at concerts and in-stores. With gusto, Condor’s torch passed to AudioArchivist John MacMillan and others in this music-loving community.


We’ve recently enjoyed a bounty of song/video recordings posted by Victoria, BC’s MacMillan aka Bootleg Santa, and, now, a recording made by one of his confreres has emerged – this being a remarkably intimate capture of Allison & Céline’s sold-out “Tidings” concert at the Cultch last month in Vancouver, BC.


Taper Leif Henderson shares this show with us on his “Dead Perspective” YouTube channel. It’s two hours of “Tidings” music and merriment – reflected in the sepia tones of those golden days of yore:




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O Holy Night - Tidings Time ~ January 2



Bootleg Santa John MacMillan drops his final "Tidings" parcel down the chimney Allison Crowe and Céline Sawchuk bring home "O Holy Night".


And the AudioArchivist left this link for a "Tidings" 21-video playlist – –  'fore he's heard to exclaim, 'ere he drove out of sight, "Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!"





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Wedding Song - Tidings Time ~ January 2



Joni Mitchell composed an iconic event-and-era defining song without attending Woodstock. More recently, Allison Crowe’s penned “Wedding Song” – and skipped the nuptials. Here, in the latest bootleg video from AudioArchivist John MacMillan’s timeless series, Allison and Céline Sawchuk perform the tune in concert:






Tochter Zion - Tidings Time ~ January 2



In the newest video from the “Tidings” concert bootleg series posted by AudioArchivist John MacMillan, Céline Sawchuk and Allison Crowe perform, a cappella, “Tochter Zion”. This popular German Advent song and Christmas carol is based on choral movements from a pair of George Frideric Handel’s oratorios (“Joshua” and “Judas”).




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Hallelujah - Tidings Time ~ January 1, 2018



Hallelujah” – “Allison Crowe's version is a living thing, a meditation and a celebration and a benediction" noted a reviewer when first she recorded Leonard Cohen’s now-universally-recognized classic. Over 15+ years essence is in the blood like holy wine.






 New Year's Moon ~ January 1, 2018



So pretty right now  #moon #britishcolumbia


New Year's Moon - Allison Crowe - January 1, 2018




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 Let It Be - Tidings Times ~ January 1



Now, "a Paul song" from The Beatles' repertoire – Allison Crowe and Céline Sawchuk live from the "Tidings" concert bootleg series served up by AudioArchivist John MacMillan this holiday season.






What Child Is This (Greensleeves) - Tidings Times ~ January 1



Traditional, non-traditional, it’s all part of “Tidings” – Allison Crowe and Céline Sawchuk here in concert – as recorded by AudioArchivist John MacMillan's "Tidings" bootleg video series:




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Skeletons and Spirits - Tidings Times ~ January 1



When the heart takes us where we're better not to be - bouncing back with "Skeletons and Spirits', Allison Crowe and Céline Sawchuk live in AudioArchivist John MacMillan's "Tidings" bootleg video series.






Lisa's Song - Tidings Times ~ January 1



Always in our hearts and thoughts - this year Lisa's Mother Joanne left us as well - and the course toward truth and peace remains challenging as ever.


In the continuing "Tidings" bootleg video series, here's Allison Crowe and Céline Sawchuk with "Lisa's Song":




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La Vie en Rose - Tidings Times ~ January 1, 2018



When first Allison Crowe traveled from her island of birth to the mainland, a perceptive journalist, Clodagh O’Connell, wondered of her sound – “Elton John meets Edith Piaf?”


Now some 15+years later Allison, accompanied by Céline Sawchuk, takes flight with a signature song of Piaf, The Little Sparrow. It’s the latest gem from AudioArchivist John MacMillan’s “Tidings” bootleg video series:







Song for a Winter's Night -Tidings Times ~ January 1



From the canon of Canadiana, Allison Crowe and Céline Sawchuk perform a Gordon Lightfoot song first released in 1967 – part of the ongoing “Tidings” bootleg video series captured by AudioArchivist John MacMillan.





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Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas -Tidings Times ~ January 1



Céline Sawchuk, accompanied by Allison Crowe, performs this Christmas tune introduced to the world by Judy Garland. It’s the latest in the “Tidings” concert bootleg video series from AudioArchivist John MacMillan.







Disease -Tidings Times ~ January 1, 2018



Audio Archivist John MacMillan has Act 2 of “Tidings” to share in 2018. Here’s Allison Crowe’s original rocker “Disease” spiked with “Carol of the Bells” and other songs of the season.





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