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2006:  Thursday, January 12, 2006 ~ Happy New Year, indeed!

CanWest News Service writers in provinces from west to east have come up with  "the new who's who" - the hottest names for the coming year in the worlds of fine art, television, film and music "whose presence is emerging onto the national and international scenes". Though she doesn't yet know of this nation-wide survey, Allison features in this "bubbling brew of fresh talent rising to the top across Canada as we move into 2006."

While Allison plays in the snow this Canadian Winter, a bounty of good news continues to be harvested through blogs, podcasts and mainstream media.

Once she returns, we'll have more music to share and there'll be lots of new photos, from Alley's year-end 2005 concerts in Europe, the U.S. and Canada, to enjoy.

Right now, live performance videos are screening in this site's Cinema Central. So, like the moth that ate a hole in the rug, come see the floor show.

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