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2006:  Sunday, January 29 ~ the time has come, the walrus said...

Allison Crowe, pre-concert musings, Munich

Allison muses pre-concert, Frankfurt - photo by Billie Woods

To talk, if not of many things, at least to acknowledge the community of bloggers and podcasters and folks online who share music 'round the world. (The blogosphere is vast, as is the online world of discussion groups, chat-boards, personal sites, MySpace and more. Podcasters can be found everywhere, as well, though, one central source for music is the Podsafe Music Network )

It's wonderful and inspiring to know that your music is with people as they go through their days - at times of graduation, on the occasions of births, weddings, deaths. And, it's there bringing joy, peace and release in times of darkness and light - from the most intense to the simplest of happenings.

This age of the internet connects artist and audience like never before. To borrow a line from Joni Mitchell, "love is touching souls". To each individual "out there" delighting in their discovery of Allison's music and to all who are sharing their passion, thank you ( :

Here's a few cool sites to start: Muruch, Marvellous Musical Melodies and C.C. Chapman's U-Turn Cafe




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