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2006:  Sunday, February 19, 2006 ~ "This Little Bird" in session

At 16:00, give 'r take, Newfoundland time, today, Allison began sessions to create her next album, "This Little Bird".  For this recording, Alley has relocated to Corner Brook, NL - from her west-coast Pacific island home, to a new nest on the Atlantic side of the continent. As she sings in the album's title song,  "same idea, different sea".

Alley will be joined in this creative process on "the rock" by life-long musicians, multi-instrumentalists and recording pros, Mike McDonald and Louis McDonald. Of the brothers, Canada's Juno-winning troubador, David Francey, has noted: "You rarely meet people so steeped in music - at all its levels and aspects - as these two and would be hard pressed to meet more accomplished musicians."

Vocals and piano tracks are being recorded at Gitanos' ~ one of the finest venues on Canada's east coast. A supper club in the tradition of 1940s New York and Montreal, Gitanos' was designed by Newfoundlander Donna Thistle, inspired by the idea of gypsy travelers "who select ideas and goods from various cultures and redistribute them in other, often remote, communities."

In the spirit of the Beatles and the Be Sharps (Homer Simpson's fab combo), Alley is ready to shoot the moon.

Stay tuned...


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