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2006:  Sunday, April 16 ~ Rock'n'Rail: "From Sea to Sea"

this crest from Canada's coat of arms marks the country's sovereignty

Next month, Allison boards the train for a Rock'n'Rail adventure that will draw a map of Canada ~ "From Sea to Sea". This transcontinental journey links the two places she now calls home ~ Corner Brook, NL and Nanaimo, BC. (Canadian cities with 6,000 km of beautiful country between them.) Thanks to the gracious and generous support of VIA Rail, Allison will travel the full breadth of her home-land: from the east coast "rock", Newfoundland, to what westerners know as their "rock", Vancouver Island. In between the Atlantic and Pacific seas, Allison is on track to perform a series of special concert dates and live media performances. 

VIA Rail is putting Allison Crowe's Rock'n'Rail Tour on track across Canada

Canada's motto: "A Mari usque Mare" means "From Sea to Sea".

"A Mari usque Mare" = "From Sea to Sea"



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