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2006:  Thursday, June 29 ~ "This Little Bird" - Audio and Video Preview

Celebrated and celebratory, Allison Crowe is home this weekend following her transcontinental tour, the Rock'n'Rail Revue, delivered sea-to-sea by VIA Rail Canada. Home now spans from Nanaimo, B.C. to Corner Brook, Newfoundland - the full breadth of Canada. And, not coincidentally, she has the heart and talent to encompass so vast a territory.

Editors at have made Allison the photo-featured artist on the site homepage.  (With 43 million unique users each month, ARTISTdirect is the third largest
international music network - behind only iTunes and Yahoo Music.)

Joni Mitchell calls today's acts "style inventions". Loving rock and pop music for more than forty years, myself, it's not hard to understand Joni's truth. And, it brings home just how rare is Allison Crowe in 2006. Her artistry and performance has an integrity which is no longer
allowed in the main. Not surprisingly, as with Bruce Springsteen, when he was "rock and roll's future", and The Clash, when billed as "The Only Band that Matters", the response to her music is visceral. She means it.

Piano tracks, and all but one vocal track, for Allison Crowe's upcoming album, "This Little Bird" have been recorded. Other musical elements will be added to the core, and ready for release prior to Crowe's next European concert tour - slated for Fall/Winter '06.

On this holiday weekend, in Canada and the U.S., here's a preview:

~ firstly a raw recording of "A Case of You" - Joni Mitchell's song which seems especially appropriate on Canada Day. "I drew a map of Canada. Oh Canada." (A mixed version of this live track has debuted on CBC Radio in Canada.)

~ and, one of Allison's newest songs, "Skeletons and Spirits", a jaunty take on love-gone-off-the-rails; this live music video was recorded in Canada's most easterly province, Newfoundland, for the über-popular Rogers tv program, Out of the Fog:

Happy holidays!



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