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2006:  Thursday, November 9 ~ Allison Crowe Brushes Up in Bid to Aid Kidney Research

In a stroke of inspiration, The Kidney Foundation of Canada, through its Western Ontario Chapter, has come up with a unique and creative way to raise funds to support kidney research.

Allison Crowe welcomes the chance to join dozens of Canadian celebrities including musicians, comedians, athletes and more who have created one-of-a kind-paintings which are now on sale on eBay, with the auction ending November 12th.

Allison's painting for the "Brush of Hope" campaign

To date, over 100 paintings have been received. These include individual works of art by Allison Crowe and fellow Canadians Alex Lifeson (RUSH), Daniel Lanois (Singer-Songwriter/Producer), Brent Butt (Comedian), Todd Bertuzzi (Hockey Player), Paul Henderson (Retired Hockey Player), singer songwriter Amy Sky, Craig Lauzon (Royal Canadian Air Farce), Karen Kain (Ballerina), Comedian Ron James, Sass Jordan (Singer/ Canadian Idol) and Shaun Majumder (This Hour has 22 minutes) and many more.

Exhibitions of the art have been shown in various locations around Southwestern Ontario. 

You can see the full list of artists and see the paintings

Allison's painting is for sale now on Ebay, with all proceeds going to kidney research.  Research done in Canada is important not only to Canadians, but to ALL people suffering from kidney disease because advancements of this kind are soon shared worldwide. 

Here is a direct link to Allison's painting for bidding on eBay and @ the Kidney Foundation website:

To view all the works in the “Brush of Hope” campaign on eBay, just type "Kidney Foundation" or the name of the artist to find the paintings or go to the charity section of

Please remember to support the cause this weekend!


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