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2007:  February 9 ~ Tickling Glenn Gould's Ivories, Alice Cooper's Fancy...

  "One thing is certain, in the future, when Allison Crowe truly gets the recognition she deserves she will be placed in the Canadian mind alongside names like Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Sarah McLachlan and Leonard Cohen." That's Toronto's Justin Beach introducing Crowe as this week's "Canadian Music Spotlight" artist at Beach, an ardent blogger, whose voice was first heard nationally during the CBC lockout of 2005, foresees, also, induction into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame for Crowe, and, possibly, an Order of Canada to boot.

And that's how Allison Crowe makes people feel. Joyously free, from her homes in Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Nanaimo, BC - bases that cover the full breadth of Canada - Crowe is reaching hundreds of thousands of people with her music. And this embrace is ever-growing by virtue of her natural expression, not due to the "star maker machinery behind the popular song".'s Bob Muller, a man in tune with songcraft, proclaims Allison "one of the mightiest talents on the singer-songwriter scene today." Crowe's newest album, This Little Bird, in only limited release at year-end 2006, secured a top ten perch on reviewer's lists from America to Sweden. Slated for full release in 2007, This Little Bird will feature in touring of Canada and U.S., France, Germany, the Czech Republic and other countries in Europe.

Allison Crowe's concert calendar is set include a date in our nation's capital, an Ottawa performance on Glenn Gould's famous Steinway CD318 - before the piano itself travels to join a year-long Gould exhibition. A subsequent gala, in Montreal, will celebrate years of innovation and achievement by one of the country's most independent and successful visionaries in a different medium. Details of these events and all the fun ahead in this, The Year of the Pig, will be posted to Crowe's website.

First though, you can catch up with Allison Crowe in print. She's among new faces joining such veterans as Tom Cochrane, Great Big Sea and Alice Cooper for a feature on "Musicians Who Care" in the March '07 edition of Canadian Musician Magazine. Writer Alec Watson looks at how Cooper, the Artist formerly known as Vincent Furnier, legendary as a pioneer of "shock rock", and other swinging musicians exercise their philanthropic nature. Exploring the theme of "Doing My Part", journalist Helena Green's in-depth interview with Allison appears in the March issue of Synergy Magazine.


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