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2007:  February 14 ~ love of songs...


Happy Valentine's Day!!

Who doesn't love a widget?! I've just discovered a widget that is a song-player - at ReverbNation  I've loaded in a selection of Allison Crowe's songs to create this "TunePak" - also seen below. You can open it and listen to music while you visit any and all web-pages. And, you can email the player to friends. All fun you can have with the "TunePak".

Perhaps best of all, gathering together Allison's original songs is a reminder of her great talent and strengths as a songwriter. Her voice and musicianship, naturally, get a lot of attention and are much-loved. Such focal points - and the great appeal of her interpretive art - may overlook her role as a tunesmith.

As someone who's grown up to the sound of Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and the "classic" singer-songwriters, I don't know of anyone in today's generation of rock and popular music creators who can point to a more varied and inspiring repertoire of songs.'s feature on Allison last week highlighted that it's only a matter of time before such recognition is commonplace. 

The music on the player below makes that clear, too ( :




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