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Saturday, June 16 ~ No bucks. No 'bots. Plenty of people.

There's been a lot of fun things happening, and I will strive to catch up with news - starting now...

Steve Johnson, tech writer with the venerable Chicago Tribune newspaper, recently published an article on the Allison Stokes privacy controversy (she being the young California-based pole-vaulter who's found unwanted celebrity online). A somewhat expanded, print, version of the Trib story was published the following week.

The article contains a link to Allison's Tidings DVD video recording of Hallelujah.

This vid of the beautiful Leonard Cohen song has been viewed now over 222,000 times! It is heartening to know that music can reach people - without the millions of marketing dollars used to grease the industry machine. No bucks, no 'bots, just people connecting ( :

Internationally, as well as nationally, the web continues to bring us all together.

The Scene, one of Australia's premier culture sites, has just introduced its audience to Allison and This Little Bird with a nice flourish:


Get a piece of paper and write Tori Amos in the top left hand
corner. Then write Patti Smith top right, followed by Stevie Nicks
and Leonard Cohen (stay with me) in the bottom two positions. Then
draw diagonal lines from their names to the centre, forming a big
symmetrical cross.

Here is where you will find Alison Crowe's music. The Canadian
singer/ songwriter's trademark piano ballads contain heavy chords
and spacious grooves, which underpin her powerful yet delicate
vocals to great effect. There is an almost Celtic timbre to Crowe's
voice, which is crammed full of enough emotion to make anyone weep,
but is carefully used to also make them smile.

Her band play impeccably throughout the album, with a sensibility
not dissimilar to an Antony and the Johnsons recording. Production
is water tight, thanks to Crowe's own talents, and the songs tell of
love, loss, hope and despair.

I would avoid researching this one if you've recently experienced a
personal tragedy or have just finished watching Schindler's List as
it may just push you over the edge. But if you find yourself sitting
at home with a glass of red and a good friend, or you're on a beach
somewhere with a book and no worries…..jump in, the water's lovely.

Perhaps I'm perpetually Piscean in my outlook - like the man with the muck-rake, whose eyes are turned toward heaven. Or maybe, it's like the blues of Bessie Smith, and Lady Day - I'm always uplifted by Allison's music.

And, fyi, Alley has now unpacked in her new home - and plugged herself in - with new songs - such as "Northern Lights" and "Wedding Song" being recorded. It's a joy we'll all be sharing before too long!

Sláinte mhaith - here's to your health, and that of all loved ones!!

Enjoy your weekend, and all life.

peace, Adrian


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