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Wednesday, August 22 ~ Hallelujah Haggis: Allison Crowe's Golden Age of Rock and Roll

This week, a video of Allison Crowe performing Leonard Cohen's glorious "Hallelujah" passed the viewership of Rufus Wainright's most popular video rendition of the song on YouTube

With over 375,000 views, only the top Hallelujah vids by Leonard Cohen and Jeff Buckley have been more watched. Without the money and mechanics of the industry machine that propel mainstream label acts, (and without the 'bots and other tricks that hike the numbers of such label acts and indies alike), it's true that artist and audience can find each other today.

Enabling a return to popular music's golden age of creativity for those that grasp it, the internet revolution is also drawing Allison Crowe, one of our most exciting and free music-makers, back to the land of her ancestors - and haggis. The meaty pudding, it's speculated, has origins in the Scottish Highlands - as a ration for the drovers journeying down through the glens.

John Lennon Northern Lights Festival - Durness, Scotland - September 28-30, 2007

Next month, Crowe will perform at the "John Lennon Northern Lights Festival", high in the village of Durness, Scotland. John Lennon and kin enjoyed many a happy time in the region during his boyhood. In 1969, the musician and social activist returned with Yoko Ono and their children. Later on, the former Beatle imagined buying Durness Estate. This September 28 - 30, original creators (in music, theatre, painting, theatre, and other arts), from the UK and Europe, and Allison Crowe from Canada, will come together in Durness to celebrate with the spirit of John Lennon, loved world-wide. (Read the news today. )

Helping mark this cultural be-in, (replete with on-site astronomer), is a new slide-show video on YouTube - which weds Allison Crowe's new song, "Northern Lights", to beautiful images of Aurora Borealis captured by Yukon-based photographer David Cartier.

Word is coming soon about Allison Crowe's series of special concerts on home-turf, more European tour plans, and a new album for the internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter. (Catch up on quotes)

Sláinte mhaith!



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