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Wednesday, September 19 ~ Iconoclastic and Populist: Allison Crowe & Audience Come Together - in Canada, Scotland, the World

Allison Crowe, enjoying a series of exciting Canadian concert dates, has received great news as she readies for performances in Halifax, NS - before heading to Scotland as Canada's musical ambassador to the 'John Lennon Northern Lights Festival'.

The supremely talented singer-songwriter, whose Canadian home spans the nation from Nanaimo, BC to Corner Brook, NL, has been invited to perform "Hallelujah" before the World Premiere of "Beatle Prom", featuring performers from the Royal Academy of Music, at next week's festival.

The Master of the Queen's Music, Sir Peter Maxwell Davies has given his assent to Allison Crowe's performance and her extraordinary inclusion on the festival's classical music night. (Her full performance will be on the jazz/rock bill the next day.) Sir Peter, known as an 'enfant terrible' of the 60's, and acknowledged today as one of the foremost composers and conductors of our time, makes his first public performance in 15 years at the John Lennon-inspired event in Durness, Scotland.

Allison Crowe is honoured to share a stage with Sir Peter and the Royal Academy of Music players, Eclipse Strings, comprising some of the UK's finest string players, Carol Ann Duffy, Britain's most popular living poet; and Julia Baird, John Lennon's sister, alongside other members of John's family.

Her freshly definitive take on Leonard Cohen's oft-interpreted, and much-loved, "Hallelujah" is a hit with audiences world-wide. And, as with her overall appeal, it's a success borne of genuine emotion and music - branching out via the grassroots.

Bypassing the industry "machine" to reach her audience, and recording live, without the polish applied commonly to even the most 'indie' of acts, Allison Crowe's remarkably honest approach is a welcome signifier of cultural resilience, if not renaissance, enabled by the internet.

When she teamed up, some years ago, with Adrian du Plessis, a former forensic investigator and award-winning writer, there was no inkling that her new manager's knowledge of the Russian mafia, and other organized, and white collar, crime groups would aid her in navigating the waters of the record industry. And, now, as Allison Crowe's career transcends the artificial barriers between artist and audience, such considerations become, thankfully, academic.

The John Lennon Northern Lights Festival, living up to its billing as "Britain's most unique happening", is, also, through the commitment and dedication of Mike Merritt, Festival Coordinator, and his team, a fab event truly reflecting the fun nature, as well as the integrity, of its namesake.

In the immortal words of Dr. Winston O'Boogie: "Power to the people. Right on!"

John Lennon Northern Lights Festival - Durness, Scotland - September 28-30, 2007



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