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Introducing / Heirs + Grievances - Allison Crowe and Band - double albumIntroducing / Heirs + Greivances ~ When critics liken you to Edith Piaf, Elton John, Aretha Franklin and Modest Mussorgsky, it’s a good sign you’re truly one-of-a-kind. So it is with musical explorer Allison Crowe who, since creating her own record label in 2001, uniquely inhabits the world of song – continually adding breadth and depth to a richly expressive repertoire for piano, vocals, guitar and bodhran.

Crowe’s “supernaturally agile and exquisite voice” is complemented ideally by her international touring band: Céline Greb (cello, vocal harmonies); Sarah White (mandolin, vocal harmonies); and Dave Baird (bass). Longtime friend, musician and photographer Billie Woods contributes guitar and vocal harmonies to the band’s recordings. The combo’s gorgeously thrilling hybrid of Canadiana, Celtic, jazz, roots, folk, soul and original rock bridges vital originals with fresh interpretations of classics by Annie Lennox and Gary O'Driscoll.

Alongside multi-genre concert and recording projects over this past year the Nanaimo-born, Newfoundland-based artist’s active as music curator and arranger for acclaimed stage productions of: Atlantic Canada’s folk and popular song; the collaborative works of Bertolt Brecht & Kurt Weill; and choral renderings of traditional Christmas carols.

A singular artistry and virtuosity make Allison Crowe performances legendary - and fun. In the Scottish Highlands she brought down the house on a bill with Carol Ann Duffy, Britain’s Poet Laureate, and Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, the Master of the Queen's Music. In Hollywood Superman movie director Zack Snyder is outspoken in his respect and admiration. Touring with Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet audiences responded with spontaneous standing ovations.

"The most honest, heartfelt, and directly intimate concert in my entire life,” says longtime American public broadcaster Ross Hocker. “Allison has a special gift that is so very rare in musicians today. She is true to her mind, heart and spirit. She also has a most wonderful humor which envelops her audience."

"Soulful. Alive. Joyous. Grievous. Real, true, music is what I want to make," sums up Allison Crowe.

"Heirs + Greivances" is the debut studio album of Allison Crowe and Band (and the 20th release on Crowe's label, Rubenesque Records Ltd.) The digital album contains 13 exciting tunes and honestly potent performances. It’s a magnificent set of songs from Allison Crowe and her extraordinary band of musicians. The physical CD is a double-album - pairing this studio set with a live concert set from Allison and Band – “Introducing”. Enjoy!!

This double-CD is now available: in British Columbia @ Fascinating Rhythm (51 Commercial 250-716-9997), in Nanaimo and Lyle’s Place (770 Yates 250-382-8422) in Victoria. On Canada's Atlantic coast, the album is found @ MALA (74 Broadway 709-634-4004) in Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador, and at Fred's Records, St. John's, NL. In Italy, you'll find "Introducing / Heirs + Grievances" @ Teatro del Sale, Via dei Macci 111r, 50122, Firenze, Italy.

Newfoundland Vinyl - LP / albumNewfoundland Vinyl is available as a limited-edition, 180 gram vinyl LP - and online, worldwide, in a range of digital formats. The album’s 10 tracks traverse parlour songs to country tunes and folk favourites, songs of land and sea that share the strength and the struggles, the heart-breaks and the humour of people.

Allison Crowe's just returned to her home in Corner Brook, NL, after attending the World Premiere in New York City of "Man of Steel", the Zack Snyder-directed Superman epic in which she has a cameo - as a musician performing "Ring of Fire", a song made famous by Johnny Cash. MoS is currently the #1 box office draw on planet Earth. (Had things not gone so wrong on Krypton, it'd surely be a smashing success there as well.) Next she rolls on to Cow Head, in Gros Morne National Park

"I am so grateful to have been asked by Theatre Newfoundland and Labrador, two years in a row, to put together songs and musically direct for a show called 'Newfoundland Vinyl'. As part of the Gros Morne Theatre Festival, I get to work with extremely talented and fun people each Summer in a gorgeous setting - Cow Head, NL. From the vast and encyclopaedic sea of beautiful music to come from, and out of, Newfoundland and Labrador, here is a collection of some of the songs from this year's show." ~ Allison Crowe

"Newfoundland Vinyl”, the vinyl LP, is available on Crowe’s home islands – on Atlantic shores @ MALA (74 Broadway 709-634-4004) in Corner Brook and at venerable Fred’s Records in St. John’s, NL. On Canada’s Pacific coast, the LP is stocked at Fascinating Rhythm, in Nanaimo, Lyle’s Place, in Victoria, and Salt Spring Sound, SSI, BC. In the city of Vancouver, Canada - it's @: Highlife Records; Neptoon Records; Red Cat Records; and Zulu Records.

The album can also be mail-ordered for delivery anywhere, and, digitally, it’s available here on Allison's Music Site and on CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon and other fine sites that make music available online.

REVIEW #1       +       REVIEW #2 

<a href="">Newfoundland Vinyl by Allison Crowe</a>

Little Light - Allison CroweSpiral contains eight of Allison Crowe’s original songs, ranging from the tender and playful country/roots of “Dearly”, to the upbeat pop of “Double-Edged  Swords”, ’cross the loving “Oceans”, and darker terrain of “I Don’t Know” and the hard rocking title track. Raw, natural, emotion is embraced passionately with elegiac beauty and melody in these, and such joy-filled tunes as “Going Home Tonight” and “No Matter the Battle”. With the live track, “Wake Up”, Crowe, again, renders the personal universal, and the global, human.

Uniquely known not just as one of the most exciting songwriters of a new generation, Crowe is also one of our finest interpreters of popular song. Spiral’s mix of light and shadow includes a trio of fresh covers – revisiting music of Annie Lennox (“Why”), Leonard Cohen (“Chelsea Hotel No. 2”), and Hunters and Collectors’ Antipodean anthem, “Throw Your Arms Around Me”.

On this song collection, the bi-coastal Canadian, (she calls Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Nanaimo, British Columbia, home), is joined by ideally-skilled and sympathetic west-coast musicians Billie Rocha-Woods (acoustic guitar, backing vocals), Dave Baird (bass, backing vocals), Laurent Boucher (percussion), Brendan Millbank (cello) and Larry Anschell
(electric guitar, and, also, Engineer/Producer at Turtle Studios in White Rock, B.C.)

Kayla Schmah, Los Angeles-based, Canadian-born, composer and film scorer, orchestrates and produces the album with, yes, "gorgeous" musical textures, and cinematic ideas artfully brought to life. Concert capturings by Engineers B.R.N. (aka Condor) and John MacMillan complete this diverse mix of music made in Corner Brook, Nanaimo, as well as Chilliwack, White Rock, Denman Island and Salt Spring Island, Canada, Vienna, Austria, and Hollywood, USA.

The visual art of Spiral matches its aural beauty - with cover paintings by Netherlands-based Tara Thelen, photographs by Canada's Billie Rocha-Woods, and California's Dan Goldwasser, fontage from Brazil’s Billy Argel and graphic design by Florida's Alix Whitmire.

Allison Crowe's album, Spiral    ****REVIEWS****

"Spiral" is now available in record stores from Vancouver Island to Newfoundland, Canada and in Florence, Italy. Locations incl. Nanaimo, B.C’s Fascinating Rhythm (250-716-9997) and Lobelia's Lair; on Salt Spring Island at Salt Spring Sound; in Victoria, B.C. come to Lyle's Place (250-382-8422); in Vancouver, visit Zulu Records (1972-1976 W 4th Ave.); in Newfoundland drop by Fred's Records (709-753-9191) in St. John's, and @ MALA (74 Broadway 709-634-4004), Corner Brook. In Italia, you'll find "Spiral" in the shop of Teatro del Sale, Via dei Macci 111r, 50122, Firenze, Italy.

Little Light - Allison CroweLittle Light  is a popular singer-songwriter collection from Allison Crowe. It opens with a rustically shimmering version of "Northern Lights" - a song Allison performed 'specially for the John Lennon Northern Lights Festival in Durness, Scotland. "Angels" is recorded live at St. Andrew's United Church, Christmas-time, in Allison's birthplace, Nanaimo, Canada. She's backed here by bassist Dave Baird and percussionist Laurent Boucher. "Disease", a song of social commentary, has, through years of live performance, become epic - channeling Beethoven, grunge and more. Here 't'is captured in its raging glory by Larry Anschell (on International Women's Day 2008, the same night celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Engineer and Producer Anschell's Turtle Recording Studios - this live track co-engineered by Brad Graham). Title track "Little Light" is among a set of guitar songs that reveal a different sort of Allison Crowe's writerly reflections in music. "Happy People", like such earlier songs as Crowe's own, "Skeletons and Spirits", a bright melody coats more acid observations. Strong and gentle poetics of "Hold Back" warm us by a fire kindled in the '70s by Joni Mitchell. "Choose to Be" bridges the piano sound of Allison's "This Little Bird" songs with her new tunes. Bob Dylan's ramblin' shoes lead to a less restless farewell, as the album closes with "Wedding Song" - Crowe's sweetest, rootsiest, love song to date.

The interpretations on this collection are: "Time After Time" - originally a hit for that most unusual girl, Cyndi Lauper - Allison, a child of the '80s gives her impassioned take, live (Scott LittleJohn recording this, the same night as "Angels"); "Running for Home", is a cover of the Matthew Good Band, and one of the songs Allison has performed since her teens; and, by way of the Righteous Babe, Ani DiFranco, comes Allison's vocal-guitar nod to the great peace-loving bard, Phil Ochs - "When I'm Gone". "Can't be singing louder than the guns when I'm gone, so I guess I'll have to do it while I'm here."

Allison Crowe's popular Little Light    ****REVIEWS****

Available in Nanaimo, B.C at Fascinating Rhythm 250-716-9997 and in Victoria, B.C. come to Lyle's Place (250-382-8422). In Vancouver, visit Zulu Records (1972-1976 W 4th Ave.) In Newfoundland drop in to St. John's Fred's Records for your music.

This Little Bird - Allison CroweThis Little Bird  contains everything to love about the music of Allison Crowe. Adding titles of engineer and producer to her vocal, piano and guitar credits, Crowe is joined on most of the album's tracks by an ideal rhythm section ~ Dave Baird (bass) and Laurent Boucher (percussion). Nine new originals map emotional and spiritual territory with fresh sounds, encompassing: the elegiac "Phoenix"; the ramble tamble "Alive and Breathing"; gorgeous songs of love and hope, "Effortless" and "There Is"; the jaunty dark humor of "Skeletons and Spirits"; the redemptive grace of "Now"; the raucous celebration of the title track; a joy of simplicity in "Circular Reasoning"; and "Silence", a song that stirs with gypsy romance.

Acclaimed not only as an exciting songwriter and live performer, but, also, as a supreme song interpreter, for her freshly definitive takes, Allison Crowe delivers a trio of remarkable covers on "This Little Bird" - giving her singular voice to "A Case of You" (Joni Mitchell's knowing paen to heart and homeland), "Darling Be Home Soon" (John Sebastian's lovin' spoonful of longing) and "I Never Loved A Man (The Way I Love You)" (Ronnie Shannon's soulful song best-known as Aretha Franklin's break-out tune in 1967).

Allison Crowe's soaring album, This Little Bird ****REVIEWS****

Available: in Nanaimo, B.C. at Fascinating Rhythm; in Vancouver at Zulu Records and Highlife

Much of Allison's music can be found in St. John's, Newfoundland at:

fred's records 198 Duckworth Street, St. John's, NL (709) 753-9191

Live at Wood Hall CD Live at Wood Hall  is an exciting journey through Allison Crowe's concert repertoire, recorded with a simple clarity in the converted chapel of Victoria (B.C.)'s Conservatory of Music.  Alongside more than an album's worth of original songs of love and hope to social and political commentary, Allison covers cherished favourites - including Ani DiFranco ("Independence Day"), Counting Crows ("A Murder of One"), Tori Amos ("Playboy Mommy"), Janis Joplin ("Me and Bobby McGee"), and John Lennon ("Imagine"). Colours in the artist's musical palette range from roots & blues, through folk, pop/rock, jazz and Broadway. There's even a tradtional Irish aire, "Believe Me If All (Those Endearing Young Charms)", sung acapella. Once again, Larry Anschell (Turtle Studios) captures the music on tape and Alix Whitmire designs the beautiful artwork/CD cover. " 'Music, man, that's where it's at'/ it is a religious line/ outside, the chimes rung/ an they/ are still ringin."  ****REVIEWS****

Live at Wood Hall is available in Nanaimo, B.C at Fascinating Rhythm 250-716-9997, Lobelia's Lair 250-753-5440. In Victoria, B.C. come to Lyle's Place, HMV+; and in St. John's, Newfoundland visit Fred's Records for your music.


 Tidings CD "Music for the season and all time"

Tidings brings together traditional carols, and not-so-traditional songs, all interpreted, even redefined, through the vocal and piano artistry of Allison Crowe. It's a much-loved collection tagged "the Yule-tide find of the year" by one music critic. "Her voice celebrates the music with a bluesy rock-gospel intensity; her controlled vibrato, silken rasp, and powerful projection rivet your attention. This is no casual background music... be prepared to be amazed," says another reviewer. Tidings is popular year-round - not just during the Christmas season when it's a natural. The album's songs are recorded, live-off-the-floor, on Winter's eve in Canada by Engineer & Producer Larry Anschell, (Pearl Jam, Sarah McLachlan, k-os), who captures the magic at his Turtle Recording studio by the shore in White Rock, British Columbia.    

Tidings' track-listing: It Came Upon a Midnight Clear (Traditional); River (Joni Mitchell); Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen); Silent Night (Traditional); In the Bleak Midwinter (Traditional); What Child Is This - Greensleeves (Traditional); Let It Be (The Beatles); The First Noel (Traditional); In My Life (The Beatles); O Holy Night (Traditional); Shine a Light (Mick Jagger/Keith Richards); Angel (Sarah McLachlan).  ****REVIEWS****

Peace on Earth ~ goodwill toward all. 

Tidings is available at the following fine merchants (among others):

Corner Brook, NL ~ MALA (74 Broadway 709-634-4004)
St. John's, NL ~ fred's records
Ladysmith, B.C. ~ Salamander Books, 535 First Ave.  250-245-4726
Mayne Island, B.C. ~ Tree Frog Gallery  250-539-3551
Nanaimo, B.C. ~ Fascinating Rhythm 250-716-9997, Lobelia's Lair 250-753-5440
Pender Island, B.C. ~ Talisman Books & Gallery
Salt Spring Island, B.C. ~ Saltspring Sound
Sidney, B.C. ~ Mainly Music
Vancouver, B.C. ~ Delicados (W. Hastings & Richards), High Life (Commercial Drive), Red Cat Records (Main & 26th), Zulu Records (1972 W. Fourth Ave., 604-738-3232), HMV, Virgin Records+
Victoria, B.C. ~ Lyle's Place

Florence, Italy ~ Teatro del Sale Emporio


Secrets CD Secrets  Allison Crowe recorded this solo, singer-songwriter, album in 2004. First setting up a home studio, Allison engineered and assisted with production (alongside Rainer Willeke of Canadian r'n'b combo, Soul Station). Allison performs all vocals (lead and harmonies), plays piano, guitar, keyboards and added percussive 'thumps' to the collection. Secrets contains a mix of tunes from Allison's "band days" (some of which are radically redefined), freshly-penned songs, and a couple of choice picks from other artists: Counting Crows' brooding "Raining in Baltimore" ~ the first song Allison performed when she launched her career as a singer-songwriter; and "Joan of Arc", a shining exemplar of Leonard Cohen's poetic brilliance. Guest artists contributing to Secrets are: Del Crowe (guitar); Jo Lundstrom (accordion); Eric Reiswig (Uilleann pipes); and Rainer Willeke (tambourine).   ****REVIEWS****

Merchants: Nanaimo, B.C. - Fascinating Rhythm 250-716-9997, Music World, Lobelia's Lair 250-753-5440; Victoria, B.C. - Lyle's Place, HMV+; Sidney, B.C. - Mainly Music; Salt Spring Island - Saltspring sound; Vancouver, B.C. - Zulu Records (West Fourth), Red Cat Records (Main & 26th); St. John's, NL - fred's records (198 Duckworth)

Lisa's Song+ 6 Songs CD Lisa's Song+ 6 Songs  The first track on this disc was recorded live-off-the-floor, in April 2003, by Rick Erickson of Seacoast Sound in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. The six songs that follow "Lisa's Song" were recorded live-off-the-floor one afternoon on analog tape by Engineer and Producer Larry Anschell (Pearl Jam, Sarah McLachlan, Soundgarden+), at his Turtle Studios in White Rock, B.C. Allison Crowe and bandmates, Dave Baird (bass), Kevin Clevette (drums), stopped into Turtle while on their way to perform in Seattle, Washington, USA for "Jammers" - fans of Pearl Jam converging from all across America and the world. The essential truth of the trio's July 2001 session  is captured in these live, raw, grooves.  ****REVIEWS****

Please visit Lisa's Page to learn about Lisa Marie Young, the inspiration for the title song.

Lisa's Song + 6 Songs EP is available at the following retail outlets in Canada:

St. John's, NL ~ fred's records 
Nanaimo, B.C. ~ Fascinating Rhythm 250-716-9997, Lobelia's Lair 250-753-5440
Vancouver, B.C. ~ Zulu Records
Victoria, B.C. ~ Lyle's Place

 6 Songs+ CD Allison's "6 Songs+" CD (containing Fade Away, two versions of Midnight, Crayon & Ink, Dark Blue, Scared, Philosophy, & Midnight - Version 2002) is available at Canadian HMV outlets and:

Mayne Island, B.C. ~ Treefrog Gallery & Natural Clothing
Nanaimo, B.C. ~ Fascinating Rhythm 250-716-9997    ****REVIEWS****

Nationally & Internationally  It's morely likely you'll find "Lisa's Song + 6 Songs" (which contains all the original 6 Songs plus it includes "Lisa's Song"), though, if you specifically want "6 Songs+", this EP may be available through: